In a world where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, companies that adapt quickly gain a significant competitive advantage. This is the case with Expresso Multas, a company that has been dedicated to helping drivers with their traffic violations since 2000. In this article, we explore how collaboration with APR Tech has transformed Expresso Multas’ operation, highlighting the importance of automation and the intelligent use of technology in traffic administrative law.

The Origin of Need

Raquel T. Krawulski, founder of Expresso Multas, realized that with the increase in demand, manual control of processes was becoming increasingly challenging. The need for a more efficient solution became clear. That’s when APR Tech came on the scene, promising to turn weeks of work into minutes through automation.

The best decision

The decision to hire APR Tech was influenced by an enlightening conversation with APR Tech’s team of consultants. The promise of agility and efficiency was the turning point for Expresso Multas.

Journey of Transformation

The experience with APR Tech went beyond simply hiring services. Raquel describes the company as an extension of her office, highlighting the attentive support and efficiency of the team. APR Tech has become an essential part of Expresso Multas’ daily processing.

The Impact of Automation

The implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has positively transformed the company. The automation of queries and the organization of spreadsheets have brought unprecedented efficiency to operations. Raquel highlights the incredible reduction in time, from a week to a day for specific tasks.

Quantifiable and Non-quantifiable Benefits

The implementation of RPA has not only saved countless hours of work, but has also increased the quality and precision of operations. Expresso Multas recorded a 50% increase in work output and hiringrecouping the investment in just six months. In addition, the company has seen improvements in communication with customers, providing almost immediate responses.

CEO’s conclusion

Raquel strongly recommends APR Tech’s RPA solution to other companies, emphasizing automation as an indispensable “right arm”. In her words, APR Tech is the “best school”, symbolizing the learning and growth achieved through this partnership.

“APR Tech has become an extension of our office, they are fundamental to our processes. I can no longer see my company without APR Tech’s support.”
(Raquel T. Krawulski – CEO Expresso Multas)

This success story from Expresso Multas exemplifies how digital transformation, when implemented well, can be a game changer for a company’s growth and efficiency.

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